‘A Girl With A Curl’ (Not For Sale)


16 by 20

This is my new pup. Bogie, who has just celebrated her first birthday.  She is an incredibly special pup and has brought me so much joy in my time of need.  Has there ever been a better time to get a companion, during these difficult Covid times when we can feel so isolated?

Not a day goes by, when I am walking her, that someone fails to ask, “What kind of dog is that?”   She is a Golden Doodle.  Three quarters Standard Poodle and one quarter Golden Retriever.  My daughter actually made a t-shirt for me that reads, “She’s a Golden Doodle”.  She gets her name from my paternal grandmother, whose last name was Bogart.

I am sure there will be many more images of Bogie in the days and hopefully, years, to come.